"distractive killusions"killusions

napalm records (Europe 30.11.2007)

mystic productions (Poland 21.01.2008): there will be 2 polish versions - normal and digipack - in digipack gonna be Bulldozer cover - Neurodeliri.


1. Narrenschyff
2. The Dawnfall (Hamartia and Hybris)
3. Infinity Horizon
4. Rage of Reason
5. Of Bitterness and Clarity
6. Silence Makes Noise(Eternity- The Mood)
7. Hell Is For Children
8. Aesthesis
9. Distractive Cryscendo


only in Poland will be a EP released by mystic productions (Poland 15.12.2007)

1.Rage Of Reason
2.Rage Of Reason (Single Edit)
3.Slow Consolation Calm (this song will be only in Poland)

The third Vesania album, "Distractive Killusions" was recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio X in Olsztyn, Poland. The band worked with the sound engineer Szymon Czech within the space of few months, between February and June 2007.

recording line-up:
orion - guitars and voices
daray - drums and percussion
heinrich - bass
siegmar - keymaster
valeo - guitars

"god the lux"god the lux

empire records 2005 (poland),

path I rest in pain
path II posthuman kind
path III lumen clamosum
path IV god the lux
path V synchroscheme
path VI phosphorror
path VII lumen funescum
path VIII the mystory
path IX fireclipse
path X lumen coruscum
*path XI mask ill
path XII legions are me
path XIII inlustra nigror

*bonus track, not included in polish version

recorded in various points of time between september 2004 and january 2005.
drums, guitars and vocals recorded at 'hendrix' studio, lublin, engineered by arkadiusz 'malta' malczewski.
bass guitar recorded at 'kokszoman' studio, warsaw, engineered by 'marecki'.
keyboards recorded at siegmar's home studio by himself.

mixed and mastered in february 2005 in hertz studio, bialystok, by slawek & wojtek wieslawski and vesania.

the production is the result of collective work of the entire team of vesania and sound engineers, idea by orion and daray.

all music by orion, arrangements by orion & daray; except:
'the mystory' - music by siegmar, arrangement by siegmar, orion and daray.
'lux fills', that is: 'lumen clamosum', 'lumen funestum', 'lumen coruscum' - music and digital processing by siegmar
guest musician - mauser, guitar solo in 'the mystory'.

all lyrics written and put together by orion, quotations from various works of r.bach, Na, a. crowley and few anonymous medieval authors; except:
'the mystory' - written by annahvahr, rewritten by orion.

band photos and front cover picture taken by krzysztof 'sado' sadowski exclusively, www.56angels.com.

graphics and digital design by tanzteufel, tanzteufel@o2.pl.

recording line-up:
orion - guitars, vocals
daray - drums and percussion
siegmar - keymaster
heinrich - bass

"firefrost arcanum" firefrost

empire records 2003 (poland), crash music 2003 (europe, usa), cd maximum 2004 (russia and baltic lands)

path 1. mystherion. crystaleyes. 05:31
path 2. introit algor 00:35
path 3. nova persei 08:46
path 4. algorfocus nefas 02:42
path 5. marduke's mazemerising 04:39
path 6. moonthrone. dawn broken. 09:38
path 7. introit focus 00:39
path 8. daemoonion act II 08:45
path 9. introit nefas 00:40
path 10. dukedom black act I 09:40

recorded, mixed & mastered at selani studio in various points of time
between winter 2001 and summer 2002
produced by szymon "szymonaz" czech & vesania
band photos by krzysztof "sado" sadowski

recording line-up:
orion - guitars and voices
daray - drums and percussion
heinrich - bass
siegmar - keymaster
annahvahr - guitars


odium records 2002 (split cd with black altar)

path 1. daemoonion act I (moonastray) 11:09
path 2. insomnia noctiferi (thunderose) 05:45

recorded & mixed at selani studio during three winter days of 1998
produced by andrzej bomba & vesania
additional synth and mastering by siegmar
band photos by rafaƂ
layout design by siegmar & annahvahr

recording line-up:
orion a. - guitars and voices
daray - drums and percussion
heinrich - bass
hatrah - keymastress
annahvahr - guitars and voices

cassettesreh (tape)

path 1. moonthrone
path 2. insomnia noctiferi

recorded fall 1997

recording line-up:
orion a. - guitars and voices, daray - drums and percussion, heinrich - bass, hatrah - keymastress