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THE NEW ALBUM!!! - to come 30. november 2007 - BUY OR DIE! BUY OR DIE! BUY!!!

The recording sessions of the third Vesania album, the mixing and mastering finished!killusions

That's what the band members have to say about it:

Orion: "Last months have been the time of the hard work for us. Although we had many other responsibilities, we've managed to take care of Vesania. We've completely devoted our time to this recording. After Daray was done with drum tracks, there was the time for guitars. The old Gibson Les Paul Custom and the amps: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier and Diezel Herbert - that was the configuration we used this time. Worked with no excuses. The sound we achieved is full and juicy. It perfectly coexists with all other instruments."

Valeo: "I play with Vesania since not a long time, so that was my first recording session with this band. I didn't have much time to get ready for the studio either, but my entire involvement in the recording turned out to work smoothly and with no problems. I am very satisfied with the results we gained. I recorded a few parts of rhythm guitars, some extras and solos. Working with Orion was very spontaneous. We were coming up with new ideas every second, changing the compositions and arrangements."

Heinrich: "My weapons were: Mayones Slogan 5 bass guitar, Ampeg B4R, Hughes&Kettner cabinet. And I played along with some toys - Sansamp Bass Driver, EBS Multidrive, BBE Sonic Maximizer. The recording was quite quick and not problematic at all. I did everything as we planned to have it done. The bass guitar lines are rather simple and the sound of this instrument has never been so massive in this band."

Siegmar: "I recorded all keyboard parts and samples at my home studio. I was mainly using my old Roland XP-30. But this time the sampled sounds of other instruments and some virtual synthesizers had the most significant meaning. The quantity of the music material and its intensity, with no doubt, made this recording session the most demanding one among others I ever took part in."

Orion: "This time we had this great opportunity to allow more time for mixing. And so we were mixing the album and recording vocal tracks in pretty much the same time. Day by day, we were fulfilling the plans and presumptions, simultaneously using some fresh ideas of my own and of Szymon Czech. Thorough all that time I stayed in constant touch with the rest of the band. Especially with Siegmar, with whom I was consulting all the moves. Finally, after all, we can speak about the "sound" and the "character" of the band being concluded."

The third Vesania album, "Distractive Killusions" was recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio X in Olsztyn, Poland. The band worked with the sound engineer Szymon Czech within the space of few months, between February and June 2007.

(source of the text: http://www.vesania.pl/index_en.php)